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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bread maker and my first loaf & update

Yesterday I took the day off to watch over the little sick ewe, who is doing heaps better, she up and trying to eat from a tray. I picked up worm farms from council clean ups/side of the road/verge and use the black round colander trays to feed the sheep, great when it rains it just washes away.We still supplementing their feed with lucerne/oaten chaff, stud mix and sheep pellets, cost a fortune but there really is not enough grazing for them. The rains just keep going over Mulgoa, must be something the people of Mulgoa did, and now they getting punished for it lol. Anyway I named her Sally is doing heaps better, even escaped the sheep shed to join her mum (Bella's Mum) under the tree, while I raked out the old bedding and put some fresh hay down. Only I had to catch her by the hind leg and then managed to pick her up and carry her back. The swelling around her little face has gone down a little. And she's drink by herself now.

Anyway after paying the rent I popped in at the Salvo's in Penrith, and picked up a breadmaker for $35.00, cheap as. (Panasonic)complete with booklet. Well yeah you guessed it I needed to try it out asap. and baked a basic white bread this evening.It came out great, and is now cooling under a tea towel, just waiting to be cut into slices for tomorrows lunch.

It past my bed time so goodnight to all, and a wonderful day to everyone else.
see ya soon


  1. It's so nice the little one is doing better. The bread machine will be lots and lots of fun and some great eating!

  2. Good new about the sick one being better. Bet that bread was really good...something I have not tryed.God Bless Trish

  3. I am glad the lamb is getting a little better and will be fine in no time.
    I can smell the fresh bread ....... It would have been hard sleeping with the aroma through the house.

  4. There is nothing better than homemade bread. Enjoy.

  5. Awww, hope the ewe is better.

    And enjoy that bread!!

  6. I like reading your blog and the change of season from ours in Oregon. Sally is the perfect name for a healing lamb. Enjoy your bread machine and I will keep enjoying your happy blog!