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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gardening and baking a little tasty Italian bread ... And a few pics of Miss Daisy

Another fine day here in Sydney, been doing a little gardening this morning. Replanted the leggy red pepper seedling out and gave them a good drink of water. Next tied up the Lebanese cucumbers onto the stakes, found a few baby cucumbers and lots of little yellow flowers and lots of bees to pollinate the flowers. Planted some globe artichokes seeds into a half barrel drum, then I'll pot them on into some pots when they a touch bigger and plant them at the farm in a permanent spot. I remember seeing them at the Hobart Botanical Garden (Pete's patch) they were huge.

Below a little basil with heaps of nice flowers, can you spot the little bee?

Pina, where's my labels?? :-( I know your busy, how was the jam? see ya and have a great day.

Hmmm yummmy Tasty Italian bread, in the bread maker, can you smell it. a few olives chopped, mushroom chopped, a little olive oil and a few sun dried tomatoes chopped and a sprinkle of dried oregano, can't wait.

If it weren't for her ears moving you'd think she's dead. She's a big girl now ready to be mated with the billy up the road.

Daisys having a nap on the lawn.

Mum you startled me!


  1. What a lovely day. Daisy is beautiful. What a pretty white. :)

  2. Daisy is so sweet and you are right, she does look dead.

  3. Awww cute Daisy! I love your new header picture, too. I bet that bread was tasty.

  4. Yum, the bread looks great! Daisy is so cute!

  5. It's hard to get a good nap. The bread sounds wonderful.

  6. Hi Daisy! I am so happy to meet you! My lady says you are down under. I said "Can she just come over for a visit then?" because I thought it was the same as "down the road" but she says "down under" is too far for visits. Booo. That is no good. We look very similar but I think you are bigger than me. Did somebody take your horns off or did you not have any when you was born? I has horns and they was always there. I's a big girl so I needs big horns!! My Mummy died when she gave birth to me so thats why I have a human mom instead. I read your story and I'm sorry they took you away from your real Mummy. But you have a very nice human instead. I wish you were closer to me and we could play on my wood pile! Goatie Kisses from Lucky Nickel!