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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Walking around my house ...

Come take a walk with me around my dusty house, I did the best I could with such short notice, but then antique shop are sometimes a little dusty aren't they. I got a few more treasures to show you, so lets start here just inside the entrance hall. Inside these glass bottles are dried roses, which came with love and ended up dried and brittle to the touch, some have lost their colour but a little rose oil keeps them smelling nice. Dried proteas and a few sticks shoved into a copper jug, a brass bunny sleeping soon it will be easter and then he wake up. A set of rusty rabbit traps hang on the wall and a witches broom made of dried grass and twigs stand in the corner. Just under this lovely table George made for me are a few old scales and a cherry boxed butter churn.See those 3 wooden reels to the right, I bought them in Tasmania, made from Hyon Pine, they are for winding up bits of coloured sewing thread.

Just as you enter the dining room on the left is a huge entertainment unit which I use for storage, on top is my sunflower display and a wreath made of dried twigs and more sunny sunflowers, brass candle stick holders I had forever, a recipe book holder with a book on making candles. And to the left is a huge glass container full of wine and champagne corks we drank over the last 16 years we been in Australia. And wedged in them is a rooster sign pointing to Roosterville, Hen House peep show 10cent cheeky don't you think.

Just a little further to your left is the meat safe where I hang my beef jerky during winter, but now it houses my collection of jelly moulds and other old wares. 3 old ceramic kettles and an amber paraffin lamp.

This mould has a huge chip on the outer ridge, it is very old. Just check out that beautiful pattern jelly shape in the inside.

Now our American girl might recognize these beautiful mixing bowls. They're Homer Laughlin (as in fiesta ware) bowls, it comes in a set of 4 bowls of which I have only 2, but I will be looking for the missing bowls soon, it's just prority post is so expensive to send out to Australia. I will just have to bite the bullet and do it! A row of apple trees decorate the outside of these scares turquoise bowls. Hmmm excuse those silly chicks they just a little early for easter. Talking about easter ... had you seen they had easter eggs and hot cross buns out just after valentines day, it crazy!

Just a candle holder I bought from Everyday Living holding 9 candles, it makes a lovely center piece for a table, on top of this huge sewing room cabinet George made Me, it has a little hole just big enough to house my stereo and a small TV, plenty space for my CD's, and 4 doors to stash material and sewing stuff. This pretty pink plastic basket I bought in Tasmania for a dollar, never seen one like it before. An enamel pot and lid and a little matching teapot sit hugging in the corner.

An old ladder hangs from the ceiling with a selection of enamel colanders, teapots, pots and some old beaters and a few new lanterns. A little artificial ivy winds it way amongst them.

Anyway there's still heaps to show you but that can wait for next time, I think it time for a cup of tea and a Apple turnover from the bakery up the road. Your coming aren't ya


  1. Loved the look around your home and all of your treasures. order me a tea and apple turnover....I'll be there soon ,lol.

  2. Very neat pieces! I love the old items. They have character.

  3. How very lovely. I love the look of items collected because they are useful and loved. Thank you for the tour.

  4. Tea and turnovers sound wonderful. I love your beautiful treasures.

  5. Hi Rina, I was going to visit you today...well weekend goes so quick.. missed out apple turnover. See you soon! Pina

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely tour.
    And yes, count me in for tea (black, no sugar thanks) and apple turnover.

  7. Thanks for joining me that was fun lol
    Welcome to my special friend Pina about time you pop in too. :-))