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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cyclone Yasi update ...

Nilo From Beautiful Airlie Beach.
Cyclone Yasi made landfall at Mission Beach, Tully area. Reports are that there has been no fatalities obviously very early still and day is just breaking. Heaps of wind around still. TC Yasi has now been dowgraded to a Cat 3 as it is tracking inland

According to the live broadcasting on TV. The whole banana plantations have once again been wiped out 95present of Australias bananas come from there. Roofs and houses destroyed. Tully and Mission Beach copped the worst of the storm.

J...It doesn't seem to have been as bad as they predicted, we will get a better idea as the sun rises..glad you are okay Nilo
Yep J... it's actually answer to prayers, the whole world was praying. All praise to God who sent his Angels to protect us all.

Rina... Morning Everyone it's with a lot of relief that we here sit in front of the computer, to see you and most of Australia made it through the night Nilo your right it was probably all the prayers
How you going this morning8:35am
All good Rina, nog baie windy (still very strong winds But it looks like everything) maar lyk my alles
.. is amazingly fine all over N Queensland8:37am
Sh.. it still not over, there is more injures afterwards than during cause people being silly any damage to roofs or trees8:37am
Lets pray that people heed the warnings8:38am
will talk later love ya8:38am
Bye my friend

More good news, because Yasi slowed down before it hit the coast, it hit on a falling tide, not a rising tide, and the storm surge that was possible did not eventuate and many areas that were expecting innundation were not affected by any surge....Garrett from Cyclone Yasi Update

There is still flying debris in many of the affected areas, please guys, stay inside and stay safe until they give the all clear, emergency services have enough to deal with this morning without having to worry about sightseers, I know it has been one very rough night for many of you, please just stay put until they give the all clear...Garrett


  1. I've been following it on the news here. They said that there was wind up to 300 km/hr. That is crazy! Wow! I panic when we have wind gusts of 130km.

    I'm glad you're all safe.

  2. I'm glad to know you are ok...I haven't been keeping up with the weather....I'm sure all the prayers did help. Trish