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Sunday, February 13, 2011

More preserving ...

Guess what I been up to this weekend? But now I over this preserving kick for a while. I made another batch of Mrs Ball's (med)chutney with the raisins. Queen Peaches are still in season here and at $2.99kg it's so worth making. Then a batch of plums jam but I did not have enough plums $3.99 kg, so added a few slithers of peach to it. It looks good with few lighter bits of peach. Just hope it going to gel ok. I just waiting for the peach jam to cook then bottle it.

There's a new veggie shop out our way called Fred's, it actually been around for ages in a small cramped premise. Recently they moved to a nice new premise, with a deli section, fish shop and a butchery. All in one shopping with plenty parking. What a pleasure to shop there. That's where we went to first thing this morning, then to the produce store for more chook food. Then home to start cooking.

Green beans and carrots had to be peeled and cut up and packed into small ziplock bags for the freezer, just enough for a meal. Still got a 5kg bag of onions left after dehydrating a heap of them. And while I managed to get 2 small buckets of mushrooms, I thought I might just try dehydrating them too. Success to both those two vegetables. Unfortunately the pears were a disaster in the dehydrator,but the sheep loved them.

Friday I popped into our local Salvos (Goodwill store) and found 3 large glass jars with lids for cheap, just had to get them. Great for storing pasta, lima beans and extra rice. That was a good buy.

Well the weekend is over again and tomorrow is work so here's to another week may it soon be over! lol
see ya and have a great week


  1. Sounds like Autumn is on the way and you will have lots of nice things for the winter.

  2. And, all the good stuff you'll have available whenever you want/need it. There is just nothing like home made/home canned.

  3. Oh, you are making me look forward to spring here... And great catch on the jars, I try to get those when I can find them, like you, I find them wonderful for dry goods!


  4. Rina,
    My Mrs Balls chutney arrived in the mail - thank you! It was very timely as we were having leftover curry for dinner and that made it just a little bit different from the day before!

  5. I haven't dried onions before but might try them but I have dried mushrooms and they were great in many recipes. More chutney to add to your shelves and now I have to make some more as it was well liked here. Daryl had it on everything,lol.

  6. I recieved my cookbook last Friday. Thank you so much. One of the recipes I am going to try called for vol au vents. We don't have those here. Are they like a biscuit?

  7. I am about to do some relish making here today!

    I keep looking out for large glass jars at op shops for storage but not had any luck yet! Such a good, frugal idea...

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I've received my book yesterday! I was all excited. Thanks a bunch! I didn't realize that you were in NSW. My friend lives in NSW. She came for a visit last year.