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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend news ...

A rough start to our weekend ... the blond one came home at about 7pm, slamming the front door and bolting for the bathroom, which was unusual as she normally would say hi first. We looked at each other and knew something was wrong. She had been out all afternoon and around 3pm, she got ill but could not leave earlier, so with cramps and spewing drove another 1hr home on the M5 highway in peck hour, from the city. By Saturday morning she was begging us to take her to emergency, food poisoning no, pregnant no, after blood tests for hiv, hepA & B, what ever they could think of, it became clear her appendix was about to burst. Well she had keyhole surgery at middag today! Well she's awake and giving orders again lol.

Yesterday was the day I was going to slaughter at least 10 chooks, what was I thinking, by myself 10 chooks yeh right. Needless to say nothing got done yesterday. But this morning, after my cup of coffee and breakfast, it was time to start with them chooks. I ended up doing 3 chooks, skinned them and cut into portions, man they are big chooks with very solid drumsticks and big heavy breasts. (That sound a bit like me lol) Anyway I am most impressed ... and there's still 20 chooks to go ... I need help!!!

I'd been thinking skinning them would save me a lot of work, yeh I did pluck them but not 100 per cent, and cause we are on this healthy trip around here. Minimal fat on meat and skinless chooks, that's the blond ones doing. It's been super easy, chop into portions with the cleaver, wash dry and refridgerate, and bag into meal sized packets. I got 5 good sized meals out of the 3 chooks. Even saving the back bit for chichen stock. Out of interest we passed the meat section of Woollies supermarket and chicken breast was $15 kg for organic, not sure if mine classifies as organic. Who is going to pay that?

I decided to take the day off tomorrow, to be on call to her ladyship in hospital, and to slaughter 4 more chooks first thing in the morning. George gets to do the deed while I do the dirty work. My what a team ....
Well I sure hope you all had a good weekend
P.S. Just a reminder to Feral Female I need your address please for your copy of the readers recipe mag please


  1. Oh dear! Not a good weekend. Had my appendix out when I was about eleven years old, hopefully soon enough evolution will see it gone altogether from everyone.
    Picking up my first six meat chickens tomorrow. Had never considered skinning them, in fact my crew would skin me if I did that I think. I'm imagining they might be ready by about Easter.
    Hope everyone's back on deck soon.

  2. I'm sure you're glad the blond one got home in time to get to the hospital in time! Thank God for modern medicine.

  3. Glad to hear that her Ladyship is OK!

    Boy. You really do a lot of work with the "harvesting" and all. You deserve a pat on the back.

  4. Best wishes to the Blonde One for a speedy recovery.

  5. Glad it all ended well - what a worrying time it must have been. Slaughtering and clenaing 20 chooks sounds like a huge job, but what wonderful meals you will have. Will you be sharing some favourite chicken recipes?

  6. Oh that is not a good weekend and so glad your daughter is ok now, minus her appendix. Keyhole surgery makes it so much quicker to get over now than it used years ago.
    If you do a couple of chooks a day it will be done in no time and skinning them does make it a lot easier.

  7. Oh my, what a crazy time. I am glad that the blond one got home in time and is going to be alright.

  8. Hope the blond one is doing okay.
    Bless her heart. I did not have an easy time skining a chicken. I evidently need practice. It was easier plucking and cleaning. I don't do this very often. Hope things a settling down and doing better in your place.

  9. Hope she feels better soon, I remember feeling really bad a year or more ago and ended up having my gall bladder out! So it pays to get medical help if you feel that bad :D