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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Zealand it's been 2 years now

Morning Folks It's been 2 years all ready that we arrived in New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Cloud. Beautiful with all the green grass and lots of rain. Winter is on us which means lots of rain, hail and snow. Hopefully this year will be a milk winter but according to the Metservices we are in for a bad winter ... I can only hope it will not be the case. Constant rain and grey days makes me very depressed. I am a girl of Africa that loves my sunshine. now I am going to spend my days inside cooking trying to be creative with this new dieet Keto my daughter is trying to put us on no carbs and high protein and fats and lots of crochet ... making doggie jumpers, scarves and beanies. Planning on doing a market day with a range of doggie beds recycling old pallets/crates which I am helping hubby make. Actually I am doing most of the work, as his eye sight has deteriated so badly that he is struggling to read the tape measure. But we are getting there
We have made two sizes so far for inside dogs ... not going into the kennels making. For the pillows to fit I have made them to fit a regular pillow so recycling pillows is possible, you need to change pillows on a regular basis anyway.
until next time keep well Rina

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