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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding bells ...

Welcome all wedding guests, today ceremony will be held at the Shelanti Chapel Link supplied for Brides, new mommies planning a christening or a funerial. But today is a happy day ... We're getting married (pretend Okay) For the music, and more lovely pics click on that link and take a look around for yourself.

Sure this is it He's the man of your dreams, set the date, chosen the dress, the cake, decor and the rings. Now what about this cosy little chapel, with the reception right next door. It seats 120 guests, just big enough and oh so pretty.

Imagine walking down that red carpet on your father's arm, and having the man of your dreams waiting for you.

Do you believe in Angels? This pretty Angel watches over you as you say your vows. Honor and obey and all those things.

Extra space for 20 guests on the balcony

A lovely spot for a few pictures for that album.

Then wondering through the garden to the reception, where a spread would be waiting for your guests

Okay you have had enough champers and wedding cake
Time to go home just leave the pressies
OH and thanks for sharing our big day
Were's my groom, he better watch out
Love ya all


  1. Hi Rina, And thank you for sharing with all of us!! What a joy you are..
    The church is simply gorgeous and I felt the reverence for God inside and out. The stain glass angel brings to mind how they are always with us, protecting and guiding at Gods command. Much love to you this day.Crystal xx

  2. Ag jy was net hier om die draai!

  3. Hi!

    What a lovely place for a memorable wedding and absolutely gorgeous wedding pictures! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and looking in to wave to us! Just to get the time change in view, we are sailing in to Port Canaveral right now. It is 4AM here in Eastern US Daylight Savings time. We will be visible in the web cam (link on my right side bar) in the next hour or so. We will be in view all day until we sail out at 4:30 - 5:00 PM. That's -5:00 GMT. We are the huge white ship on the left of the screen.


  4. What a beautiful setting, inside and out.

  5. Hi Rina, My husband and I got married in this Chappel 5 years ago. It is a perfect setting for a wedding! Thanks for sharing. By the way, we are coming to Sydney in April for a week. We need to do our 'entry' to activate the PR Visas. If all goes well, we'll move in December.
    Keep well.

  6. What a stunning venue not only for a wedding, but any special event. Thanks for sharing.