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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Announcing new blog Past and Present

It's here ..... New Blog "Past and Present"

As some of my friends might know, I am a member of a few forums, mostly South African ExPat's and I just love Journalling. So I have been going through all the old post and decided to put them in one special place. I am adding a few comments as well, with permission from the members if I can get hold of them. As many move on with their lifes settling in their new country, we lose contact with them.
One of my friends from Twisted Sisters,you need to be invited to join, Betsy is a wonderful writer and with permission I have included a tale from her. Some are in Afrikaans but I am working on translating them, and will post as soon as they ready.
Just follow the link or contact me at if you would like to post a story of your own.

See Ya My Maties

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