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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Love of Pine Cones

Funny how somethings stay with you all your life, pine trees and pine cones, the smell of a pine plantation. What a waste to just throw nature's decoration away, so what to do with them. I love to paint things, if it stands still long enough it will get painted, trust me. These I painted the same colour as the caravan, which will fade a little in the sun. The basket is one of my lucky finds on the curb,it also got a slap of green pint.

Another lot of cones have been spray painted gold, they part of the christmas decorations. Christmas at our place involves a whole change of scenery, most bits of "clutter" get packed away, and the Xmas boxes come out.

But I think it's on the veranda that they look the best with other dried up seed pods and things, displayed in a old wire basket. I love driving in the country where under trees cones have fallen as only nature can display them.

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