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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good new and bad news

So the good news first then the bad: the last Lamb was born yesterday, a very tiny little girl, she seems well and is suckling at mom. Atm I am keeping them seperated from the other girls and their kids, who seem so big compared to her. Mom was very scrony compared to Miss Lashes and the others. Her lamb last season died at about 5 months, so maybe not good news.

And now the bad news: our old man Chester died sometime during the night, suspect a heart attack or kidney's failure. We got him as a rescue kitten, who had very little chance of making it. He lived a good life for 13 years, always ready for a play. George is very upset to lose his cat but he has still got Jellybean to cuddle.

It's raining at the moment, a cold miserable day. The grass and plants needs it so badly, without water now, we probable have more water restrictions this summer. Due to climate change we heading for a very hot summer this year. We have repaired the fence where our dog Knight keeps escaping this morning, hopefully thats sorted. It's only been since Lacey died that he gets out looking for company but His Aunt Temara is coming to live with us Saturday, so he will have another dog for conpany again.

I going to miss my Son badly as he was my helper build chook houses and fixing the fencing. He is moving back to Queensland tomorrow.

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