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Friday, September 11, 2009

Time to start planting some sweetcorn

What to do with a little spare time, actually had the day off from work. There was a few things that needed doing around the house but decided I rather garden. With Daisy the little feral goat, around my heels wanting a feed and running around the backyard, jumping on the chookhouse, then trying to squeese through the fence to the pool. You just have to keep watching her. Her little horn have been removed, I felt bad for putting her through that but in the long run she will need to earn her keep as a dairy goat someday.Hmmmmm Feta cheese.

After digging in some mushroom compost, soiled sugarcane mulch from the chookhouse, the garden bed was ready for some sweetcorn seeds. Hopefully by christmas we will be eating corn. Planted a few potatoes in a tub with still plenty of space to fill up with more soil. We never seem to eat all the potatoes before they start sprouting buds, before I would have thrown them out but not anymore. Even if I get only 2/3 new potatoes I would be happy. Planting +- 10 coliander seeds in groups make for easier picking. The veggie garden is just starting to take shape here in Sydney.

Happy gardening
until nexttime

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