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Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally found some Orpingtons!

Sadly our Buff Pekin rooster "Fred" died of old age last week as well, poor thing tried his best at crowing but somehow it started good, only to end up quite badly. But he was a good little rooster, taking Ginger off to bed real early and always the first to crow in the morning.

On a brighter note, I finally bought my orpingtons! Wow they even bigger and heavier than I first thought. A trio of black orpingtons! These birds are giants, I kid you not! There is a good feed here ..... but first we need eggs then chookies and lets hope a few roosters for eating. I wonder if they bigger than Cornish hens and do we have them in Australia? In the pic are Henny and Penny they young Astrolopes, let hope they start laying soon.

Knight got a new girlfriend, his Aunty Tamara (Tammy) a retired english springer spaniel showdog. It's sure going to take gentle coaxing to get her settled. She and another pup was badly mauled by a stray at a dog show, everybody rushed at her traumitizing her even more. She is very shy and gentle like her mom Lacey Pants, who died a while ago.

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