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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planning the next school holidays and long weekend.

Oh boy it's Queensland school holiday again, the boys saw on Facebook grandma's got lambs and got rather excited. They will be flying in Saturday evening. It's only a little more than 1hr flight, just as long as it takes us to get home again. There lots to do here, feeding the chooks, giving Daisy(goat)a feed from a bottle and giving Miss Bella (lamb) a good scratch. Bella has tamed up beautifully and loves the attention. Who needs the animal farms or zoo when you got grandma's house. We plan on spending a few days here, the we will head up to the farm for 2/3 days (6hr drive north),might do a spot of fishing by the river. 1/2 days in Coffs Harbour, visiting the Big Banana and the dolphins. Not to forget the main attraction water slides and fun park, grandma promised next holidays, so I will keep that promise. Then head back to Brisbane by the 3rd October. It's all planned just hope the weather keeps.

On the way back near Grafton where sugarcane is grown, you can buy mulch straight from the farms at a very reasonable price. Every trip back we pack the 8x5 caged trailer full of bales of sugarcane mulch. Sometime I run them through the mulcher for a finer mulch and work that into the soil. Amazing how the last bales left always turn into fine mulch before I get to use them. I need to replace the mulch under the fruit trees, just another job for the long weekend.

Scott and a mate have decided to give Husband a hand digging post holes to try get the fence finished. So the long weekend will be spent fencing, with Husband and myself concreting them in. Reacon we got a good hundred post to go, not including the crownland section that also needs to be redone. Scott's my green buddy, they have 2 acres at South West Rocks with heaps of citrus, stonefruits and other stuff I have never heard of before. He's into Thai food so has planted gingers, galangha, basils, rosemary and chillies. He makes this awsome sauce for steaks ... will still get the recipe from him oneday.

Until nexttime

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