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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to keep the kids busy at home .....

As mentioned before my grandsons aged 6 1/2 are visiting from Brisbane for the holidays, and gee can kids get bored quickly. It really depends what age they are I suppose. They go to the same school and see each other daily and most weekends, hardly ever go anywhere without the other one tagging along.This holiday the word MacDonalds is not going to happen, end of storie. We're going to eat healthy food and fruit, even the odd veggie. If I have to disguse it I will, but first we try the old way. Starting with real oats porridge, butter & sugar and touch of milk, I could hardly believe my ears when they requested porridge. This morning it was 4 boiled bantam eggs, toast, cheese sticks and milk. We have sliced and roughly cubed fruit to make fruit sticks, they scewered it themselve with their choice of fruit and gobbled it up. As I am typing this we waiting for the lamingtons in the oven to bake, then dip them into the chocolate sauce and then coconut. Tomorrow we might bake cornflake biscuits. Just chatting as we work I asked them does mommy not bake biscuits, no she doesn't know how. It can't be that hard.

We going to book for horseriding lessons, something my kids had the privilge of doing. That should be an ongoing thing but holidays will have to do. They brought their tennis rackets with to play Aunty T. Every holiday the boy paint egg boxes for me and decorate them, we just waiting for Mia (neighbour)to get back from school ... we use posterpaint. Feeding Daisy is their job and so it going well taking turns. It smells so nice so the lamingtons should be nearly ready, better go make the choc dip ...
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