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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New arrival Daisy the goat

Look who's got green paint on the face!

She is so cute, our Daisy, I know Daisy should be a cow's name but who says a goat can't be called Daisy. Found somewhere near Mudgee by a young couple, without a mom, we suspect there is more to that story. I know how many times I joked with George, telling him to pinch one for me ... thank goodness he seemed to have more brains than me. I have always wanted a goat but it's something else to look after and and .... more reason why not to get one. It's hard work playing Mom esp as I work fulltime but I have help from my daughter. Daisy has taken to her like you would not believe, thinks she her mommy. She has a big voice on her esp. when she ain't happy. As she grows I am sure it will get more difficult, so a fenced in play gym with a house for Daisy is next on the to do list.

Welcome to our first little goat, Daisy.

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