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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From Sydney to Brisbane and back in 4 days ...

One of the few hidden treasures of the veggie boxes, a nice sized butternut.
and a few more on the way

A quick trip to pick up the grandkids up for the easter break, might send them back by plane, so much easier. It was a good trip they amused themselves with packaging, elastic bands and singing along to the radio.

The cat was ever so good on this road trip, all the way from Sydney to Brisbane and back. She got to have a little leg stretch every evening and was so eager to explore the cottage.

A bed of pineapple salvia, rub and leave and the smell your fingers ...

What a great spot for a rest, timeout to listen to the rugby broadcast on the radio.

Arrangement made in a hurry with a few Zinnias, rose geranium and pineapple salvia.

Then back to Sydney after doing a bit of brushcutting around the cottage and a strip away from the fencing, making the grass cutting so much easier for the next visit.
See ya all next time

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