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Monday, March 4, 2013

No Knead Bread and Vetkoek ... you got to try vetkoek

. Got the recipe from my friend Carelene, it is in afrikaans but below I have translated it for you. Now what is vetkoek I hear you say and how is it made. Wel it's very traditional for us South Africans and it easy as pie my friend assures me Using the same bread dough below or your own bread dough recipe. You need to deep fry small handfulls of dough you pinched off, pull and stretch it this way and that a little, drop it into hot oil and fry it until its just golden on oneside before turning it over on the other side. Drain on a few sheets of paper towel. you may serve it after it cooled down a little, with a curry savoury mince. Or with a little jam or marmite. A tip I always have a little oil in a bowl just to smear on my hands, it helps the dough not to stick to you. PETRA SE "GEEN KNIE"BROOD MAKLIKE ROER WITBROOD Jy kan sommer met jou huiswerk aan gaan met die brood ! Hier is die resep weer ... Toe verander my hele lewe met die resep! 7 koppies meel (Dis presies 1Kg)(Koekmeel) 4 Koppies Water(lou water) 2 teelepels sout 1 Pakkie suurdeeg.(10g) Meng alles goed deur, gooi in panne, laat rys, bak vir omtrent 1 uur tot gaar by 180°C Dis dit, niks knie, af knie nie, net meng goed deur, laat rys en bak. Ek gebruik nie heeltemal 4k water nie, anders is die deeg te loperig.... Okay nou for the english version of it NoKnead Bread/vetkoek 7 cups (1kg) of all purpose flour 4 cups of warm water 2 teaspoons salt 10g yeast Mix all the dry ingredients very well then add the water cup by cup stirring it in as you go. Work it a little to get all the dry ingredients blended in. I covered the bowl with cling wrap and folded it all nicely in a warm towel/blanket and set aside for 1 hr to rise. Meantime you could make a savoury curry mince and have it cooking and ready. Add oil to a big pot and have it just heated enough before you open the dough mix. saves time trying to do it all at once. turn the heat up to fry testing the heat with a little dough it should bounce right up when it's warm enough. (That last bit was for anyone not so knowledgable as some of you lovely ladies.) Hope you all had a lovely weekend Rina