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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Composting and Recycling.

Ever wondered how much we contribute to the Landfill Site around the world?

How many more holes are we going to dig to throw away "Stuff" mostly made out of recycleable materials?

Every item you buy has some sort of wrapping or box, but it's what we do with it that counts. Protesting to manufactures about the usesage would be great. But they only hear what they want to anyway. We can help sort out our own waste into recycle bins provided by Councils and Recycle Centre. Food scraps,teabags and peels all compostable so investing in a worm farm and some chooks are just one way of dealing with this problem. The weekly bin is only half full aand still working on reducing the waste. My worm farm has been going for 10 years with very little effort. In return I get worm juice which I dilute for my plants and eventually castings to mix with a little soil or potting mix.

Our local recycle centre turns green garden waste into lovely rich black compost or gold as I call it ... a 10/10 for them. I have bought tons of it, had a few loads delivered to spread around the garden. The plant are just loving it, giving me heaps of great healthy crops.

Here in Australia the local Vinnies or Salvos are only to happy to take stuff you no longer want or need.

Just a few simply ideas I use to reuse or recycle.

Plastic 2lt ice cream tubes - Great for freezing, packs nicely into the freezer saving space - I make my own dog food, saving money and halving the cost to feed them. No more tin cans.

Carboard inside the toilet rolls - is great to plant a few seeds, no need to remove them either as them will break up eventually. Great for art projects for school and pre primary schools.

Egg boxes get painted with poster paint, decorated or used to hide easter eggs in. We have a painting session during holidays.

Old bathroom towels get cut into small hand towels which I love to dollie up with bit of material strips and loops to hang them up by - great in the laundry, kitchen or garden.

Plastic 2 ltr milk bottles got cut away leaving the handle bit - used to soak paint brushes in or for scoops for the chook food.

Blue Jeans just don't get thrown away even if they got holes - see Craft Corner.

Sure you could think of a couple of uses other than memtioned.

Happy recycling

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