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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Holidays and Road trip to Brisbane.

Let me introduce you to my two lovely grandsons, born just 3 weeks apart.

Cobi (left) and Luke (right) This was taken at
Taronga Zoo Sydney at the Easter weekend.
The Gorillas was a great hit with the boys while
aunty Tanya gave them a guided tour at the snakes and reptiles.
Lovely day had by all.

Easter being not all about chocolate eggs and bunnies, also a time to reflect. We did have an easter egg hunt with the neighbours kids, basket were filled up with eggs hidden under the veggies and shrubs and in pot plants. They did miss a few which got eaten by myself, making sure the cats would not find any and get sick.

We did drive them back but not before sleeping over at LavenderHill +- 1/2 way to Brisbane. A quick trip to pumpkin patch to dig up some sweet potatoes, potkin pumpkin and pick up a few passion fruit.... can see a pavlova coming on ... yummy. Then a stop at Coffs Harbour for a photo session at the Big Banana, and a ice cream. Then another photo at the Big Prawn with fish & chips at Ballina. Don't you just love road trips. We sang along to Old Man Emu (on repeat). Great song but maybe a break would have been lovely.

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