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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Food for thought

Getting older and maybe a bit wiser ....... Something we all going to go through, if we lucky. I turned 50 this year, so I am getting there or rather on my way there. Recently I spend 2 weeks overseas visiting my Mom. She lives in a retirement complex, not as modern as the new ones where every need is catered for, residents all have their own little self contained units and most still drive everywhere. In a newsletter with all activities and news I found this great bit that I would like to share with you ...... for us grandmothers out there.

(by an eight yr old schoolboy)

A grandmother is a women, who has no children of her own
so she loves the boys and girls of other people.
Grandmothers have nothing to do, they only have to be there.
If they take you for a walk, they go slowly past
beautiful leaves and caterpillars.
They never say "Come along quickly," or
Hurry up for goodness sake"
They are usually fat, but not too fat to tie up my shoe laces.
They wear spectacles and sometimes take out their teeth.
They can answer any question, for instance why dogs hate cats
and why God is not married.
When they read to us, they never leave anything out.
They do not mind if its always the same story.
Everybody should have a grandmother especially
Those who do not have a television.
Grandmothers are the only grown ups who have plenty of time.

Hope you loved it as much as I do.

This is my beautiful grandsons Cobi and Luke feeding ducks at a local park in Brisbane.

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