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Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet some of our beautiful animals

Our Beautiful English Springer Spaniel Knight

Some of our Moggies, most were unwanted kittens when we first got them, except Rat. She spoke to me at Parklea Markets, promising to be the best puddy cat. Sleeping on my bed everynight for the last 12 years.

Our old man Chester, still loves a good play.

Chester and his girlfriend Rat, both very addicted to cheese.

And our baby BurmeseX named Jellybean because she was so tiny when born. Beans just loves to spend time with Knight, accompaning George and Knight on their early sunday morning walks. She is always following you in the paddocks amongste the sheep.

Nelson and his 6 ewes. Nelson loves a good scratch around his ears, sure he must have been handraised when little. Can't ever see us eating him cause he is so cute.....

Clyde with his ladies Bonnie, Thelma and Louise They are Chinese Silkies.

RIP Lacey your made it to doggie heaven, where you young and healthy again. We will miss you.

Lacey Pants winner of many shows including the Sydney Easter Show, came to life with us when the Breeder retired her. Knight is one of her grandsons.

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