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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shelter from the rain and cold wind

It's nearly lambing season and being my first year keeping sheep, it very exciting preparing for our new babies. This weekend gone by we erected a shelter using treated timber posts, colourbond fencing that I found on the hard rubbish collection (side of the road) and some corrogate roofing given by a lovely demolition man from Newcastle. I saw them pulling down this building and destroying the sheets so I just stopped, walked over and asked if I could get 4 sheets for the lamb shelter. He was kind enough to help out, so while I was waiting for them to remove some sheet carefully, I went to fill up my 4x4 with diesel and got them each a kingsize Timeout chocolate. He did not want payment but I put some money in his pocket for a round of beers at the pub after work. The post we had bought at auction a while ago. The gates came with fencing we bought on Ebay last year.

My boys did a wonderful job with the shelter and after a slap of green paint it looks great. A heap of fresh bedding to keep lambs warm, and we set. Been reading up about lambs last night and Ineed to go past the local produce store for some spray on iodine and karo for the water. This should all start happening in the weeks.

Nelson the Ram. He the cause of all this fuss!

17th June: Yesterday the local shearer stopped by to drench, vaccinate, shave bums and faces and trim hooves. It's 5 star treatment at our place. He had a little feel and yep, we going to be grandmothers. Gave Sue (co-owner) a call and she was delighted about the good news.

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