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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow great little book on pest control.

I love visiting OP shops just to browse through the books, always end up with lots of reading matter. One of my favorite Author is Maeve Binchy, just found another of her books Heart and Soul and can't wait to start reading it. But first I need to finish The woman in the picture by Viki Wright. Some books end up in my secret statch box for when I can sit down one day in the next few years on my veranda, on the farm with nothing to do but read.

Op shop have wonderful books, one I found recently was how to control, trap and rid pests from your home and garden. No not with the old spray can of Mortien or Doom, but environmentally healthy. Tiny Game Hunting By Hilary Dole Klein & Adrian M Wenner has been adaptedfor Australia by John Dengate, he used to feature regularly on Burke's Backyard and on ABC Radio. Not sure if it's still in print but it a very clever book.

I would like to share some of the recipes from this book with you.

Garlic Chilli Spray

1 x garlic bulb (not clove)
1 x tablespoon chili powder
1 ltr water

Take garlic bulb and chop well. Add chili powder and water. Let steep overnight. Strain and spray. Good for aphids and spider mites.

I might even start growing cabbages again, something I haven't been successful at because of aphids. Normally pull them out way before they developed properly. Just can't be bothered.

Other recipes that look good: Wormwood Spray, turnip & parsnip spray, Tomato Leaf Spray.
Look out for this wonderful little book.

All this is great but it would be better if we did not even need to use these sprays either. Nature should be allowed to do it's own thing, creat an eco system that is so well balanced. It's a jungle out there bugs eating bugs, spiders casting their nets wide for a feed, birds catching a earthworms, with a flick of his tong, frogs can enjoy a tasty morcile. What a food chain.

Tomato Leaf spray
Tomato leaves have insecticial properties, Which can be explained by the fact they are related to the tobacco plant and to deadly nightshade.
2 cups of tomato leaves and stems
1 lt water
Chop plant parts coarsely and process in a blender with 2 cups of water. Let mess stand overnight. Strain and add 2 more cups of water, then spray on your plants.Excellant for aphids.

Onion Juice Spray
3 Onions
4 cups water
Take onions and cut in quaters, cover them with the water in a blender or food processor. Grind as fine as possible, strain, and spray. Good for aphids, mites, flea beetles, slaters and pill bugs.

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