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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodbye Miss Lashes ...

Some things just can't be helped for, you need to make that decision for the sake of the rest of your flock of sheep. Once before on a friends blog Aunt Krissy, she wrote how she had to put down her goats, I felt so sorry for her cause she did honestly love them. So yesterday when I had to call the shots, I knew the flock come first. Miss Lashes is with us no more, but all is not lost, she has gone to Pathology at The University of Sydney for a case study .
I took some pics of her after I had spoken to the vet, arranging for him to examine her at home, and he just confirmed she had lost mobility and her condition had deteriated so badly, there really was no turn around for her. (I still get a bill for the call out)
But there is something she has left behind, She hung on just for this little mite. After his birth we started bottle feeding as she had no milk, leading us to suspect she had Mastitis, diarrhea, and lost of weight. But even with all the care and antibiotics, Miss Lashes just went down hill very fast. Yesterday was the day I had decided to end it when she lost all mobility. Mr Big Ears Dennis, who will be 21 days old on Wensday, is going to miss his mommy .
Mr Big Ears Has now got aunty Sally who is due to give birth any moment, as is Bella, Bella's Mum, Stella.
Who said farm life was easy? Until next time Rina


  1. Aww, so sorry, It's so hard to loose a fur baby of any kind and, I know you really tried to help her. You made the right decision..((Hugs))