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Monday, July 23, 2012

Shades of Green and Blue ... Helping a friend

Shades of Green and Blue crochet hexican granny stitch blanket is for my Grandson Cobi to take with him to South Africa when they leave end of August. I don't have a final date yet but if it's not ready by that time, I could always just post it off. It's only 2/3 done and then all the threads still need to be tucked in. Started this project with a few odd balls and leftover bits from other projects and soon found myself buying shades to match and more yarn for the dark boarder around each hexie block and final boarder right around the whole blanket. Should look lovely when it's done Blue is Cobi's favorite colour.
Another project I started while visiting my friend Carelene was a little granny square babies blanket for one off my sewing girls who is pregnant. This project is also a clean out my basket but using lighter shades of yarn. Using white yarn for the boarders of each block and final boarder. I needed something that would not take up a lot of space in my bag.
Carelene had just moved down from Brisbane to Newcastle, a big move from her as she had just recently had Kemo. A helping hand was called for and we had a good time unpacking boxes, cooking meals and sitting crocheting like two old ladies. We even went for Coffee and cake at Nelson's Bay, then a spot of sightseeing. Time flies when you're having fun.
Something that we all take for granted here in Australia, well some of us, is the wonderful rail services and in most cases at a very reasonable price too. And then you get to see scenes of our beautiful country that we never see travelling on the Highways. Thanks for popping in see ya next time Rina


  1. A nice place to live and I am sure she will enjoy it here.
    Yes I agree the rail service here is good and I use it often between here and Sydney.
    I love the rugs:0)

    1. Hi Debbie, so glad you popped in , nice to catch up with you. With all this computer problems recently I have stayed off blogging much. Went to check on your blog, ?? when did that happen. Anyway I will be up in that area more often with my friend that's moved done. Love to meet up with you sometime Rina

  2. Your crochet is just beautiful Rina.

  3. I love, love, love your blue and green hexagon blanket. The colors are so calming.

    We Americans just can not give up our cars or trucks. My hubby has been taking the bus to college and does enjoy it. We do try to walk as many places as we can, but long trips are always in our truck.

    blessings, jill