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Monday, July 9, 2012

Barrel bag .. Saying Our Goodbyes at the Airport ...

Watch out for this barrel bag tutorial on my other blog ... a shack in the country ... follow link down on the right ... if you haven't been there yet. I made a bag simular for Cobi when his Mum was expecting him but the bear print was really not his style at 9yrs so I made him a new one. He was rather pleased with the end result, only request was for a backpak in the same print.
Another holiday is over, we only had them for part of it this time. This will be the last of the holidays together as Cobi and his parents are returning to South Africa. We made the best of the few days together.
My heart is a little broken as the plane takes off caring my two boys off to Brisbane. A holiday was promised when Cobi is older, hopefully he will be able to travel unaccompanied on a International fleight at 12yrs. More sewing class new to follow shortly regards Rina

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  1. Ok, I'm sorry. I haven't been by for a long time. Now I have found you again. We have some things in common...besides loving beach visits, as I see from one photo. Our cat is named Green Apple Jellybean..similar and my Jane Austin character tested to be Anne Elliot too. Hahahahaah