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Friday, June 29, 2012

Rose Cottage gets a Kitchen ...

Good morning, I am posting from Dear Husbands work computer, no, still got problems on the home computer. But could not wait to show off my new secondhand kitchen to you so I just had to get to work. But first could I offer you a cup of tea from my lovely old teapot, I brew some tea specially for your visit ... So here we go
Just love the colour of the cupboards and bench top, got plenty of work space.
To the bottom right of this pic, is where a dishwasher should fit, only I don't plan on having one so a cupboard will go in it instead. Packing space is far more important to me. And then just right of that is where the gas fridge fits.
As you can see the walls are far from ready at this stage, the window has to be moved up to the green post. Remember this room was an open deck before we started to convert it to a kitchen. Decking boards had to be replaced and solid wood floors put in their place. The cost of this beautiful kitchen was just $500 and the recycled wood floor was $75. (with still enough flooring left for another room) Now for some other news, sewing classes went rather well last week or should I say baking class as we made banana muffins from scratch, then had them with our afternoon tea. We sat around with yarn and crochet needles, learning to crochet, some got it some really struggled. One of the young ladies is just 4 months pregnant so that is wonderful to incorpate a few items for her layout. Friday I had another group of ladies, who have been coming to classes for a while now. Yesterday's class was a real supprise when 5 new young moms joined us for their first lesson,they got to make draw string bags. Lets hope they will stay. Our project was square machine quilted pot holders this week. Well I better get off here so Dear George can get some work done. Thanks for popping in and have a lovely day Rina


  1. Excellent! Well done.
    Regards, Keith.
    Armidale NSW.

  2. Your Kitchen is lovely and a bargain at that price.
    Your classes sound like they are coming along well and everyone is enjoying them.

  3. Hi Rina,
    Catching up on your blog, You have certainly been busy! The kitchen is beautiful, and what a welcome change it must be! Your beach pictures from a couple weeks ago are spectacular. Looks like you live in such a pretty area!
    Summer here and all the flowers abloom. I've got tomatoes coming and eating fresh herbs and lettuce every day.
    Enjoy yourselves!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. I love your kitchen Rina, it is a happy looking place to cook and sit and eat. You have done a great job renovating!!!I used to have friends in mine once a week and we did a craft and then one of us cooked lunch for all.They were great days. We prayed together also.
    I bet the kids will always remember sitting in here when they are long gone in other directions.. I say this because mine have all got families of their own now. Sometimes they remind me of their old home and the things I did. God bless you all.

  5. Your kitchen has so much charm and lots of storage space, but how can you ever get along without a dishwasher???? (Can you tell I don't like to wash dishes?)

  6. That teapot is so neat! Very classy. I love that it was made with two handles for easy pouring! You don't find much of that level of consideration in the things that are made today. Enjoy using it!
    The kitchen is just beautiful! I agree with your decision on the dishwasher. I would rather have the storage space.