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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News on the Home Front ...

Good morning, What a shocking miserable day here is Sydney,windy, cold and wet, don't like it much. Worked in the veggie patch pulling out weeds in the kale bed, the seeds I had planted a few weeks ago had come up nicely but so did the weeds. A few stray silverbeet also germinated. Rain chased me inside a few times, only The chooks did not seem to mind the weather to much, leaving their chook palace for a bit of free ranging but when they huddle in front of the back door, pooping on the mat I think it's time to round them up and get them heading back to their palace. (shocking pic sorry) This morning I loaded up 13 meat birds and took them off to the processing plant, leaving another 12 smaller birds for next week. Most of the 13 birds are sold, covering my feeding costs for this batch, leaving 12 birds as free food for my freezer. This does not cover love, attention and sometimes a bit of hardwork cleaning up after them. Decided to post about the sewing lessons in my other blog cause I will be making samples of each item for myself as well. And best of all I get to use up some of the scraps and left overs from other projects for the girls. At this stage I prefer to bring materials for them.But when we start with bigger projects they will need to bring their own.Just follow the link to read more ...


  1. I always take at least 3 pics of each subject, using focus, flash, no flash, extra lighting when I can. Saves having to do it again. It used to be quite expensive when I was using the old SLR with film & I was writing for magazines, but now with the new smaller digital camera it costs no more to take a heap of shots just to make sure.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. I'm with you about the poop on the porch. ;)

    I read your other blog and highly recommend it. It's fun to follow your progress teaching the ladies who don't speak English.