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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ebay purchases ... and a little bartering

Been a busy girl on Ebay, wicked I know but where else do you get such good stuff so I just had to share some of my purchaces with you
But this last little beauty I did not bid on simply because one hand fishing reel would not do , with two fishermen needing their own reel, so Grandma decided to barter instead with a lovely man by the name of John. Well John is not just turning 3 x 6 inch reels as I asked for but 4, one being a little bigger for Grandma too. All it cost me was 1 dozen eggs, a few sticks of beef jerky and a meat chook. And we are both happy. Until nexttime enjoy your weekend Rina


  1. So what is the first thing and then the yellow cap with the red doo-hicky?

    1. Hi Lynda, That yellow thingy is call a Prichard feeding teat, hard to find in Australia, trust me been to all the produce stores and vet around here .. nothing. You screw it onto a plastic water bottle you buy from the service station or super market. Throw the bottle away when it gets to ugly and just replace with another. Great to raise goats on cause of there narrow mouth. We had one for Daisy, worked a treat so I bought 3 teats to go into the secret stash stockpiling/prepping.

      And yes it is an very old hatchet/tomahawk that I found under old tools. I collect old tools and have a broad axe and saws as well
      Thanks for asking enjoy your weekend

  2. I took another the first thing a hachet?...tomahawk?

  3. A good trade, well done.

  4. Great buys! Ebay is good for lots of things.....sometimes a bit too good.

  5. Rina, you've done well. I can't wait to see progress on the chook-plucker!