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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Question ... ha ha ... prepping ... and more

Can anyone have too much toilet paper ... Well what ya think? I did a quick count and come up with close to 200 rolls. (Gosh that sounds like a lot hey) but if I had 9 people living at the farm going through +- a roll a day ... 6 months supply. Maybe I just get another pack of 48 from Costco next time ...
As for the fishing tackle box ... a few more sinkers are neaded. Should I think of getting a sinker mould and all the stuff to make sinkers. Have a fair amount of hooks and could always make some hooks the old way. Some very clever woodrunners have told me how, still got to try when I got a little spare time, promise. Above is a pic of our bridge where the boys always fish from with handline.
(got this pic of someones blog but can't for the love of me tell you who's, if it was yours please forgive me) Once again storage is important so much so that I have got Dear George to bring home his triton table saw and some tools. I am on a mission to get a pantry cupboard before we head back to the farm for a working holiday.The rugby league will just have to take a backseat or he will have to work faster. No chipboard or other rubbish stuff, I want a good solid cupboard that weighs a ton, I want to distress it to match the diningroom furniture. Old fashioned? but I am old and that's the look I want.


  1. You can NEVER have too much toilet paper. ;)

  2. Totally agree Lois, for use or trade! May have been alright in the 12th century, but there are not so many geese about these days!!!

  3. I love those louve doors, they are not easy to buy anymore in Qld. I wanted them on our bathroom as they let the steam out, and also add to the flavour of our old Queenslander home. My hubby found ours at the local dump refuge shop. Hope you get them.