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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just south of Sydney ....

Another wet weekend here in Sydney, we had to drive down the coast to pick up and pay for a router my dear husband bought on Ebay. He had given the same model to Neal over Christmas, cause he believes in really good tools and knew Neal could not afford to spend that sort of money. And you guessed it that was not the only tools he was fortunate to take home with him, an 18 volt Dewalt codeless drill and my bandsaw, just as well he had now more space in his boot :)) Rain and cold chaced the swimmers away from this lovely beach today. Come holidays and I am sure there would not be much space to put your beach towel down. All along the coast beaches just like this one. I took a few pics of this rather nice looking man with his two dogs This fella and his mate must really love fishing in the rain. We headed for a hot cup of coffee at a nearby takeaway to warm up the old bones.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I love Sydney and the beaches!!

  2. I love Sydney and the beautiful beaches!!!