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Saturday, July 21, 2012

We woke to another chilly winter's day here in Sydney, but unlike my usual morning routine, I could not have my cup of coffee infront of the computer checking on my friends on Facebook. We had our first lamb for the season born on Wensday, Miss Lashes presented us with a good strong little ram but she had no milk for the little one to feed on, her udder only half the size it was the year before. The blond one had called me after struggling to get him to suckle on her teat, she managed to express just enough for a small drink and feed him with a bottle. There was little I could do as I was coming home by train after spending a few days helping a friend move home.
I googled and found instructions How to make Colostrum for Newborn lambs, the neighbour donated a little cod liver oil and the rest of the ingredients where no problem. "Little Skaapie" had a good feed and seems to be doing very well. This bottle feeding is going to be so much fun esp the midnight feed in the cold. Lucky the sheep shed is cosy and safe. The vet thinks Miss Lashes has Mastitis, he diagnosed her over the phone and lucky I did have some meds in the fridge to give her, saving a trip to the vet.
Our chookie numbers have increased by 2 silkies chicks born while I was away. With a little luck the next eggs should hatch in a day or two. Very exciting! The next batch of meat birds have also arrived and have joined the 4 young egg chicks I bought a few weeks ago. The hatchery was not sure what breed they were but I believe that they are Barnvelders X, time will tell. So far I am pleased with the new incubator and so is Jellybeans who has taken up watch on top of it, just incase anyone wants to steal any of the eggs Hmmmm. Now it time for bed ... it's like doing the PJ drill all over again


  1. What a sweetie, no wonder you'venamed her miss lashes! I've never raised sheep, will she be able to feed once the mastitus is cleared or, will mama looks her milk?

    1. Hi Katidids, Mama won't have any milk again and any babies she has in the future will need to be bottle feed. Little Skaapie (small lamb) is starting to see us as his mom for his milk and tries to follow us. I have left him with his mother hoping she will look after him the rest of the time.

  2. Glad that the new little one got some milk! sandie