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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Agenda 21 & chemtrails & more... something that concerns us all Every person should take note and just have a listen to this video. it would be great if you could post this and pass the message on. and yes preppers are mentioned so they must also know who we are? are we on their list? We all know China has a one clild policy right sp how do the plan on reducing the population? Old folk did seldom live to be "Old" and but with the medical help available now days they can easily fill up the aged care facilities and then they need care. Don't get me wrong I like oldies Or is it the homeless they are going to get rid off, the ones on the streets? the ones on deathrow? so who are these people. Chemtrail: Australian & New Zealand Geo-Engineering Protest shared a link. Sunday.This is a Must listen radio interview with Dane Wigington regarding the Methane release from the East Siberian Ice Shelf caused by Geo-Engineering - There is no greater issue facing mankind right now - We must ban Geo-Engineering now to give the planet a chance to heal itself. Arctic Methane Emergency Group - The Arctic Sea Ice is collapsing as AMEG predic...ted. The heating implications are now massive for the region & for the whole planet which means we have a planetary emergency


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