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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bunker for my secret stash ....

Women you going to need a bunker for all this stuff!

Maybe not so secret anymore for my readers but DH has no idea what in those plastic tubs, all he know every now and again he adds another to the already growing stack of tubs. Plenty of storage in our 20 ft container at the farm if only I can get him to throw away some of that wood he has piled up in there, maybe this december holidays we can do some sorting there. I need to unpack and (supprise myself with everything in the tubes)organize it better. Maybe even move the container to a new spot where the double carport was going to be. Then put a double carport roof over it and still a single parking spot. Thinking about it I will need to get My mate Mark the dingoman to come in with his Kango excarvator and level the site for me ....

What's in the tubs? New linen, towels, dishclothes, craft supplies, materials, yarn, secondhand novels (opshop) and reference books and kids school supplies. Toileties and Toilet paper. New kitchenware. Things to start a new home. And the list goes on .....

Why all this stuff ... yeh I am a hoarder but this is all to replace my existing stuff which is really geting old and worn through. DH got very excited when I bought new bedding for our bed a few weeks ago, told him that's something to look forward too ... atleast that went straight on the bed. He even commented about the matching towels. So see I don't like spending money and changing to a new deco every season.

One thing I have been stockpiling is medical supplies as in a large quantity of bandages, plasters, dressings,anything that could be needed in the bush. We are very lucky to have a resident Doctor in our villiage, he moved from the Blue Mountains when his wife had premature twin babies about 12 years ago ... thats our treechanging/hugging Doctor Paul.

Aren't we lucky there's not many Doctors living in small towns anymore.

Until next time

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