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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Composting with sheep poo and hay

Our Gardening Friend Mr Pete Cundle, who was the presenter on ABC Gardening was a great inspiration to many gardeners in Australia. He used to love using Sheep poo in his garden beds and boy everything just seemed to be twice the size.

So having all these sheep here, made me think I needed a open compost bin just for their used bedding hay and poop. So my very helpful son constructed one for me with star pickets and colourbond sheet.

And has it worked a treat so far, a place to dispose of the bedding and boy can it get out of hand cause the shed got cleaned out every 3rd day. Then limed and new hay put down, yeh they ate the new hay the first day but lucky not all of it.

Now check out the compost, it's getting there, nearly ready to use. The pile has shrunk down by 1/4 and it's only been 3 months since I started filling the bin up.

Miss Bella is nearly as big as her mum. And Proud Father Nelson needs a Cigar for his efforts.

Miss Daisy and Miss Stella having a game.

Can't believe how they differ in size, the baby of the family has finally been named. And Stella it will be. So we got Bella, Stella, Molly and Polly. the boys are Lamb and Chop, sorry Boys.

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  1. Oh my goodness yes, Peter Cundle(brilliant man) was right, years ago when living in New Zealand, some of the best stuff I ever put on my garden was aged shep poo, scrapped out from under the shearing shed a couple of months after shearing. We used it as a mulch, dug in, you name it we did it... and everything grew as tall as an elephans eye. I miss my sheep poo supply!