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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New veggie patch at Mulgoa farm

Ah who can say they got two veggie patches .... well I can .... pumpkin patch on the farm at Bellbrook and one at Mulgoa Farm in Sydney. One of the long overdue projects. At least the landlord had no objection to us planting posts and using his gate, cause he loves fresh herbs and chillis, always sending the kids to fetch some. Well here are a few of the pics I took today.

But first I took this picture of Miss Daisy and the sheep, in the background is the sheep shed we built, see it two toned ... green and green. Everything here is green ... running joke already.

Seedlings planted ... yellow marigolds, tomatoes, mixed capsicums and silverbeet. Replanted some red mustard seedlings.
Seeds sown... lebanese zucchinni and more silverbeet.
Planted spubs in a half 45 gallon drum.

The frog with it's bright yellow raincoat and unbrella was given to me by Luke one of my grandsons.

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