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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter weekend ....

A beautiful view of the valley on a rainy day, credit for the pic goes to Carelene taken on their last visit to the farm.

We're back ...
we have been so remote and cut off from the rest of the world that I missed "The Wedding", How could I have missed that, while everyone was glued to their TV waiting for the kiss, and the dress. I did get the Sonday morning paper and managed to check a glimps of the wedding on the news Above pic is of Rose Cottage when it was just a room with a deck then we extended the floor space and replaced the decking with a solid wood floor. Thanks to Des and Henk for starting with the floor sections.

We had a lovely Easter thank you for asking, the bunny even made it to the bush lol. And then it started raining for 5 days, we sliped and slided in and out the property, our shoes got sucked into the clay and I had clay where i don't want clay lol but we kept going. Pic is of the solid wood floor that came in 2 huge sections, cause that's the way I bought them at auction. As I said before using recycled materials has it's own challanges. in total we used 5 sections for the floor costing $70 and still have 2 smaller sections for the bathroom.

And as promised I did take a few pic of the wall in our (Nilo's wall) kitchen going up, but our builder Neal was not very happy about pics been taken of him, so I just sneeked one anyway. Above pic is the wall where the old cast iron sink is going to go in front of the window, now that is after the builder moves the window another 9 inches to the right, (I did get a grumble about that)just so there is space for a little corner unit.

We now have 3 1/2 walls, a solid wood back door with a safety screen door. One window above the wash basin and a wall that has Crypress wood cladding. Your probably wondering about the half wall, this is where the steps used to be, well this is where the next extention will be, lounge, 2nd bedroom and bathroom. But for now we going to concentrate on the kitchen and building a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Our Expert fishermen showing off their catch of the day, and with a lot of pocking of the eyes, giggles and shaking of the heads, they were scaled, gutted and cooked for a taste testing, but as herring go there were more small bones than anything else. Better luck for a big one nexttime. Cobi not to impressed with his small catch.

Next time we up there I take a pic of the back entrance
So that's it for now
see ya


  1. Rina - a stunning photo of the mist covered valley - you live in a very beautiful place :-) Dani

  2. Wow, Rina, you guys have your hands full. That picture of the boys is precious. Looks just like something my boys would do.

    I loved seeing your pictures of the progress that is being made.

  3. I miss our weekends at Rose Cottage together!! So glad the building is progressing and she is coming to good use.
    Now get that external memory card for your camera so that we can get heaps of photos......PLEASE!

  4. Is Rose cottage your home or your holiday home???
    It's looking great.
    Love the picture of the boys with their fish.

  5. Hi Dani, it is beautiful country upriver from our place, can't wait to retire there.

    Hi Chris, thought you might find the pic amusing ... Rose Cottage is just a holiday cottage atm, Originally built for Nilo & Des while we were staying in our caravan on site. No way could we let such wonderful friends sleep in a cold tent in winter, so that's how it started.Now they have moved about 2000klm away and we just improving the cottage for our own use.
    Oneday we might even build the main house.

  6. Looks great and I love the view picture.