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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who lives here ...

All materials for this house is recycled, all the cladding comes from work, bars of brass, copper, and steel come in wooden crates. The other wood 2x4's comes from My friend Dessie from an old office that was taken down.

Where we left off last night.

Jellybeans on top before the roof went on.

It finally finished, only thing left is a little decorations that's to come still

Just look how big the chookies are now.

Yeap it's their new accommodations.
Thanks Trent.


  1. Fantastic that you can build this for free..chicks will stay nice and dry and safe. Trish

  2. Wow! What nifty accommodations! Nice job. :))

  3. Well done. And I see the chookies are at their 'ugly duckling' stage! lol

  4. The chick house went up right before our very eyes! It is fantastic and the babies are hard to resist. Everything is wonder it is painted green! :-)

  5. Hey, that turned out really great! Now, looking forward to seeing how you decorate the new diggs.