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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long overdue Paperwork and filing ...

One of my weak points is stashing accounts and papers in draws and when the draw is full, I would just move on too the next draw. But now Rina has no more excuses and needs to declutter her life and those draws. I spent a few days just going through 18 years worth of paperwork, the task just to big for one sitting. Over the years I have made a few attempts at this, finding only the last few years needed a lot of clearing. How long are you suppose to keep records??? 5 years I hear you say ...
Over the last fortnight, I got my dear husband to pull out a 4 draw steel filing cabinet that was given to us. Only the colour was so disgusting, brown with yellow draws, and dirty. With a little elbow grease we took off all the old stickers, wiped it down with thinners and dusted it good. And then we headed off to the hardware shop for some Wattyl Killrust in woodlands grey. George sprayed the whole cabinet and the draws, not a sign of yellow anywhere. A lick of paint can spruce anything up. Then the big task started sorting it all out, tossing old statements and then burning it in the fire place that night. No shredder available and definately not going in the recycle bin. The task is 95% done, just taking a breather,then I get right back to it. Friday I headed off to get more purple folders thingies at officeworks and started on the rest of the paperwork. .
All this was going on between the jam making, feeding the chooks and the general housework that always needs doing. Tomorrow the blond one gets back from Darwin where she has been working the last two or more months. Daddy has been missing her more than I have but I think Merlin the magician (burmese cat) will be very excited to have his mommy back

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  1. Your files remind me of the days in the office. ;) Yes, I have plenty of files here at home, too, but these are mine, not those of clients. And, record retention? It's ten years here. I pack files and receipts in boxes and date the ends. When ten years pass, I bring them up to one of the fireplaces and have a good fire. I get about one day of heat for the room from one year of files. It works! ;)