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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mr Fox left his calling card ....

White silky feathers scattered in the backyard as evidence Bonny and Clyde were not so lucky Mr Fox was here and had himself a feast some managed to get away hiding scared and shock up And the morning brings light Maybe the last 4 unaccounted survived the night:(((
I did not close them in cause we left at 1.30 in the afternoon to go hand in forms in Parramatta, went to Cosco for shopping then straight from there we meet Tanya after her shift, got back just before 9pm ... too late;((( ... Only one lonely black chook survived the night outside ... What a sorry sight Big Harry has 4 black hens, 1 red and 5 white hens. But all is not lost there are eggs in the incubator and I saved some black hen's eggs to put in the incubator again. Success rate has never been so good:( ... no eggs for sale until further notice!


  1. Aww, disaster for the chickens. :(

    (Just want to let you know I am having a heck of a time with the word verification. I'm on my way back for a third try now....)

    1. Thanks Lois for letting me know, I have switched it off. Have a wonderful weekend.XXX