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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Two weeks at the farm ... work, eat & sleep

No problems with George feeling a little unmanly in my straw hat, it does the job keeping the sun of his near bald head. Check out the screw in the mouth lol. I have since bought him his own hat.
Awhile back we had bought a few sheets of new corrogate roofing for this side of the cottage, being a little to long they barely managed to fit over the ute without the cops pulling us over. But we got them up to the farm alrught tied up on a few 2 x 4's to give them extra support. This roofing project was the first item on George's to do list.
First he had to remove the doggy roofing and so called roof trusses, and build new ones. Of cause I had to make his life difficult by wanting a storage compartment in the roof. Somewhere to store my empty fowler vacola bottles, misc stuff and years supply of toilet paper.
The compartment is accessable from inside the kitchen/diningroom. He still needs to put doors on the front. Always wanted a large kitchen with a table and chairs to have meals at, just like my stepmother had. We would visit around the table, everyone used to help with laying the table and it was just such a lovely atmosphere.
The kitchen cupboards are also still waiting to be installed properly, that will be done as soon as the bathroom walls are up and the new roof trusses on that side of the cottage are replaced too. We are expecting a delivery of corrogated sheets for that side to be delivered as they are nearly 8 mtrs long on the 11th January, we will be leaving for the farm on the 10th with the gutters and more corrogated for the next project he has been working on.
The new roof extended over the small deck making it a lovely spot to sit in the morning. By afternoon sun filters through the gum trees and manages to bake onto the deck. George has promised to put a lattice screen up to help solve that problem. another job for the to do list.
This was never on the list George said but it was something that was needed esp after finding 2 snakes in one day. Racks to store building material off the ground, solid as a rock and pretty strong to hold all the materials. As usual I had to add a little supprise to the project, a lean too for the sheep with gutters to catch the rain. I was given a lot of small corrogate offcuts and thought they would work really well here.
Looking good so far George, he works hard but then so do I being his apprentice hold here, bring that, fetch this, switch off the generator, start the generator, hold the ladder and then still doing all the painting. We even concreted 4 posts and hung the gate. All this working with the sweet running down, consuming bottles of water by the dozen. This Ozzie sun can get hot, by 10am it's nearly 38 degrees already.
Christmas day we were installing the pink carpet in the bedroom, a hand me down from a friend who had bought a new home, pink was not his colour and being in a near new condition offered it to me. Yeah thank you I will have it. Carpet laying will not be a job we want to repeat in a hurry even if this one came out great. Another small job that got done was the hole in the kitchen floor. Finally it got closed up!!!And then he started on the wardrobe ... by this time we were both ready for a proper shower and a good hair wash, George was missing his remote and the cricket so a few days at home resting was in order. I did miss my washing machine, not so much fun doing the rain dance in the blue tub with the washing soaking from the night before, no you can have that thank you. As I mentioned before we have to be back at the farm on the 10th


  1. It's taking shape, and looking good. Ree

  2. Looking good. Nice to see things taking shape. My regards to George.
    Regards, Keith.