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Friday, January 4, 2013

a little wild life ...

found this little fella sitting in a black plastic pipe, see we disturbed his home and was not aware he was in the pipe, only after hours in the hot sun he stuck his little head out just enough to catch my eye. Quickly relocating him into a shady place near the bird bath.
Baby possum will have to relocate too along with two bigger possums living in our roof. Right now there are just to many access points to the roof to get them to move on. Not even the banging of hammers and working on the new roof seamed to bother them to much.
Hand reared Maggie the magpie still comes for her breakfast of cooked oats or scrambled egg depending on the cooks choice for the day.
Mr hairy huntsman thought a visit on the building site could be enough to scare some folk. but it inside a car while your driving and you eye catches a sudden movement hmmm not so funny then. Then there was the snakes and 4 mice, the later coming to a grizzle death while trying to nibble on a piece of bread with a little peanut butter on it. unfortunately they had to step on a little plate which set of their untimely end.
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  1. Good one. I love frogs.
    Regards, Keith.