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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eggs for sale ...

The girls are finally laying again ... 7 black orpingtons, 2 austrolopes, 1 leghorn, 2 white silkies and a buff frizzle pekin. Today I collected 9 eggs, 7 from the orpingtons and 1 from the silkies. Meaning that 2 orpingtons girls are still to start laying. I have sold 2 dozen eggs and given 2 dozen away to friends. A small jar has the first egg money in, $9.00 to be exact, rather a proud moment for me. (Yeh I know)

According to my maths if I sell 4 dozen eggs a week that should buy me a bag of chook food, which normally lasts 3 weeks. $18.00 eggs x 3 weeks = $54.00 I think I am going to hatch another batch of chicks this year, if there is just 6 more hens hmmmm We're very lucky to have only got one rooster with last years chicks, and his future is not very good atm, Harry is starting to pick on him and that can only mean one thing "The POT" only he has still got a bit to grow. That's our Harry and he weighs a ton! Very good natured boy he is too.

So back too the young rooster who has just started to crow, he will need to go into a fattening cage by himself. My Grandma used to have small cages for roosters going to the pot, so that's on George's to do list. Any ideas how to fatten a rooster fast? I wanted to sell a trio of orpingtons to recoup some money, but decided the girls could make more money by laying eggs. and a nice homegrown chook could be very tasty and I can then practice dressing a chook too. Something I have never done before by myself, only memories helping my grandmother doing it, and that was more than 40 years ago.

Well were off to an BBQ today too meet Nilo and Des's Daughter, Son inlaw and Casey the baby, can't wait. So Here's wishing everyone a lovely day. And thanks for stopping by.


  1. You get $4.50 for a doz eggs?! Wow, here in Wisconsin I can get 2 bucks. But then 50lbs of feed only cost 12 bucks.

  2. Hi Krissy, free range or farm eggs usually cost over $5.50 a dozen at the supermarket. So I think that's not to dear. Feed cost $22.00 a bag I think. Normally just order the animal feed and don't take much note of the price. Cage bird eggs cost $2.90 a dozen.Cheers Rina

  3. I get my ladies to lay year round. We use tennis balls in their nests and a light that I turn on at 5 and turn off at 10. What are you going to do with your egg money?