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Friday, August 27, 2010

Market and a little music

We follow the sounds of a bagpiper playing a beautiful quick song while keeping beat with his foot. This busker is a young man dressed more like an artist than a bagpiper, his blond hair framing his face. A backdrop of sandstone walls, a bakery with tables outside. We round the corner to find blue and white gazebos,down eitherside of the road, we decide to start rightside first making our way around all 300 hundred stalls.

Stallholders are selling their wares, homebaked goods, beautiful painted silk scarfs blowing in the slight breeze, pure homespun wool socks, beanies and scarfs in shades of creamy browns and greys and brightly coloured felt made into flowers to pin onto hats or cloths,baby slippers ... wooden bowls turned from local wood, honey and jams by the bottlesfull. We share a bowl of tempura mushrooms with sweet chilli sauce.

We find a few stalls selling fresh veggies, fruit and flowers. The display is so inviting, we buy some asian greens and a bundle of sweet carrots to stirfry for our dinner with some leftover chicken.

The busker has moved on and now a group of young irish musicians are playing celtic/blue grass music. They're very good, a huge crowd is standing around listening to them play. (I had to buy a cd) We end the morning with bowls of soup and pied bread at the bakery.

Afternoon entertainment is a little bit of culture, we drove to a winery (Meadowbank Winery about 1/2hr outside Hobart) no not winetasting but music and song "A Little Light Music" by The Tasmanian Chorale, a group of 45 singers, from Bach to Billy Joel. A lot of winetasting was done that afternoon. Conducted by Stephanie Abercomby. After a nice afternoon we headed back to our resort.


  1. How wonderful Rina.. I love markets and I can not wait to get my farmers/craft market fix when back on the Peninsula in Victoria. When you mentioned a bagpiper I wondered if it was our "Mad Piper" from over here.. he is so awesome.

  2. It looks like fun!!