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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of winter ... Spring is here

We're nearing the end of winter here in Sydney, still a few cold nights but the days are very nice. Sonday My friend Des and I started getting the veggie patch in shape for summer planting. Des has'nt have a patch atm cause they renting. I had bought a few seedings from Bunnings 6 beefsteak, 2 Roma 4 cherry tomatoes which Des planted in the half barrels, My vision of the expensive corragated raised beds.

All it is 200lt steeldrums cut in half and a split hose pipe around the top, but better still you can buy half drums that have the nice rolled edge on top. Drill a few holes for drainage Cost $20.00 A slap of paint if you worried about it rusting.

Anyway to get back to the garden, we planted beetroot, more tomatoes, sweetcorn,radishes, peas, cucumber, lemon grass and goose berries. Composted sheep poop and hay from last season's lambing had composted nicely and was ready to be used in the garden. Des prepared raised bed no 5 mixing old soil, compost and more top soil from the nursery, with the rotory hoe, this is where we planted the sweetcorn.

The hens are laying 6/8 eggs a day atm but that should improve as the pullets get a little older. Hen 13 Roosters 5 (not for long)One is getting fattened for the pot. 1 Broody silky with 3 orpington eggs. I have sold eggs to my fellow workmated and the egg money goes to buy chook food again. I am hoping for a few more orpington chooks this summer, maybe a few for the pot too.

We are expecting 3 suffork lambs anyday now, I let the girls in very late with Nelson, while the neighbours ram jumped the fence and forsure did the deed with the other two ewe's. Not happy cause that would be a mixed breed, let's just hope it boys. Daisy the goat is fully grown and is just the sweetest thing ever.

Well that's all news for now. And need I remind you to leave a comment for the give away, if you would like to take part.


  1. We're are doing the same here, getting ready for planting. We bought some starter veggies at the weekend and seed ptotatoes, even got a grafted tomato plant. Will have to watch out for frosts though. First day of Spring today, decoratind nearly finished and if it ever stops raining we'll be outside growing veggies and creating a garden :D

  2. You have a lot going on at your place. Summer is getting ready to turn to Fall here - my favorite time of year.

  3. Stew is going to build me raised vege garden boxes soon as our vege garden does not get enough sun... it is exciting thinking summer is on the way eh? Fresh tomatoes! YUM.

  4. Des just loves pottering in the garden especially a veggie garden. I love my little Ginger Chookie, she's just the cutest. But then again you guys are just the greatest friends to have! Love ya heaps!

  5. Here in Pennsylvania we`re baking at the moment but fall should be coming along anytime....I hope! =)

  6. Sounds like you have been busy! We did not even plant a garden this year and I really wish that we would have. Oh well there is always next year! We are dealing with a fence jumping buck goat right now...what those males will go to just to visit some female goats (or sheep in your case.)