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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The first lamb slaughter .... you may by pass if you like.

We did it. The first of the (1 yr old)rams has be slaughtered on Wensday, what a way to start Spring. I so nearly got cold feet about this but thanks to Charlie I did not have to do the deed myself. He did not have a name but he was very tame and rather cute but he was meat, and that's what I have to tell myself. Heavy as to hang on the hooks and both of us where to short to pick him up all the way, so Charlie stood on a milk crate, got the hind legs and I picked him up from behind by his fur. Yeh it pays to be a strong girl. And to prove I was in there helping skin him. Charlie made me do a lot of the work myself and was rather pleased at my go for it attitude. Gail my landlord neighbour took a few pics on her moblie phone. PS I was not dressed for a photo session please excuse ... Still waiting for pics!! Then we headed to Gail's place for a nice strong Italian coffee.
Charlie took the lamb to his place to weigh and hang and Saterday I need too go to his place so his grandson who is a butcher can show me how to cut the lamb up.
Another skill I wanted to learn. Big Boy weighed in at 30kg cleaned
(There is another boy ready to be butchered soon.)


  1. I made Rosemary Jelly this would be awesome with lamb!

  2. Excellent lamb!! Tender and tasty!! Your a great farmer my dear friend.