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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cameraless atm and Father's Day

Father's Day was just not the same without the Blond One, who is still in USA, she gets back on Friday. Cameraless cause she's got the digital so no pics for now. The Lamb roast was just so tender and juicy, potatoes,carrots, garlic and sweet potato baked in the oven, and more veggies yummmy. A quick apple dessert with fresh cream to finish off. It's so easy I never even looked at my book, just went by memory. Got to put it up soon.

Des and Nilo came over and it was lovely to have them here. Nilo was not feeling so wonderful and enjoyed a catnap on the lazyboy, while Des got to play with the rotory hoe and veggiepatch. We started the pumpkin patch and fensed that off so Miss Daisy can keep out of it. The old rotory hoe spat the dummy mainly due to old age and neglect but that's ok, we just fix her up with a good clean and new paint job, look out for a new engine on ebay or see the man at the mower shop for a new engine. Servicing her would have cost the same as a new engine anyway.

That's the best toy I ever bought, it has worked so hard. The paddocks we hoed and planted with seed has sprung up and it green with jap, millet, oats, rye, mung beens and sunflower plants. Just like a big green salad! I checked on the ewes last night and Bella's mum is going to lamb first, her udder is getting big and her fanny is all swollen, so it gonna be soon.


  1. Man o man your dinner sounds good. I love me a good lamb roast. Good luck on lambing. How many ewes are going to lamb?

  2. Hi Krissy, I think it would be 3 for sure and then another 2 which will be atleast 1 month later compliments of the evil ram nextdoor. I invite you for dinner but it's just a little far.

  3. Hi there~ so glad you stopped by so I could follow your link back to your blog. I really enjoyed reading through your blog.

    Hope you can come back soon for a visit. :)

  4. Ah, your home made food sounds so wonderful. It's amazing how much we miss our cameras when they aren't in our hands, isn't it! What did we do before we had them? I guess we waited for the film to be developed and the pictures to be printed....


  5. Dinner sounds lovely! Good luck with lambing.

  6. Hi Rina, Lovely surprise to see you stopped by my blogspot. Have just been having a good read of yours and it's a real delight. Great pics too, so thank you for making the connection.
    By now there should be some lambs on the scene? Cheerio for now.