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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seeds means new life and food ...

Broad beans are starting to pod, These I am going to dry to use in soups and other dishes.

Coliander gone to seed, I use a lot of these seeds dried for my beef jerky. Just love the dainty white flowers.

A mix of turnips have gone to seed. It's been a good winter for turnips greens planted mainly for the animals.

Sheep having a good munch on the green salad mix of jap, millet, oats, grass and sunflower. They just loving it! New mum's will have free access to this area plus their regular suppliment feed.

Seeds and eggs are the start of any new life, be it in the garden or animals mating it means new life. And it means food for our families! We have been blessed with the birth of twin lambs this week ( tried to load a video for you but it just does not want to work so we sticking to pics for now)Hopefully two more ewes are going to drop soon. Miss Lashes and Bella are so huge just maybe it could be twins.


  1. I had no idea, till I was in my late 20's that sheep had long tails! That one little lamb sure has a long one. Will you dock it?

  2. Rina, I love this post. Especially the baby lambs! Looks like you really are living the dream.
    Keep on enjoying life!

  3. Hello Rina, adorable photos of lambs and proud mum. Plants are so pretty even in their last days aren't they, you've captured them beautifully. Pale and delicate. I really enjoy myself each time I visit. Thanks and all the best.

  4. Are the sheep Hampshire and Sulffox? I'm envying you as I just love babies and lambs are no exception. I can almost hear them now. Enjoy them for me as we are heading the opposite way as you and cold weather will be upon us soon.