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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Morning to you all. The chookes and sheep have been watered and feed, only got the veggie garden to water still. The little twins lambs are doing great, healthy and bouncing around, and mom enjoying her babies. Maybe I should name her something else but Bella's Mum cause Bella is about to have her own lamb, time flies. There are 5 hens sitting on eggs atm, not sure what I going to do with that many chicks. Let's hope for a few roosters to eat. Not to crash hot on the last free ranging rooster taste but I was told to soak any wild meat in ice water, vinegar and lemon juice for a good day. It takes away that gamey taste! So bring on the roosters and ear plugs!

Yesterday I only did a halfday at work and it was delightful to see the Big Boss's face when I said cheers I'm off to take the grandson to horse riding, I am not married to the place like my husband (did not say the second bit to his face ). Anyway it was Cobi's second lesson and he sure enjoyed it. He got to trot by himself learnt about steering the horse(pony in his case) and found out it's not just riding but stable work as well. We will make a Jackeroo of him yet.

It's long weekend this weekend and we off to the farm, so it's packing today, getting supplies for all the little jobs waiting and it's also Nilo and Des's last weekend before they move to Queensland. I am really going to miss them heaps. It's been atleast 11 weeks since we been there last. No wonder I am so cranky lately. With summer here the lawn is growing so fast, we will have to bring the rideon back to Sydney, the Honda is just coping, or lets say the person behind the Honda mower is not coping! There's just one small problem we have to start carting it everytime we go to the farm, meaning less supplies.

The fun of starting a place from scratch!
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  1. Hello Rina, Lovely post. You are going to have a lot of chickens. The hen in the pic looks well clucky!
    Have a great weekend. Cheerio for now :)

  2. Looks like he had a great time at his riding lesson. I took riding lessons from 8 to 13 years old when my sister and I got our own horses. It is a wonderful and positive activity for children.

  3. just refound the blog and have enjoyed flicking through!
    lovely photos......
    yor broad beans put mine to shame
    greetings from the UK (NORTH WALES)

  4. Rina, That boy loves the horses, doesn't he? You will have delicious chicken, I'm sure. Keep smiling!

  5. Hi Rina, Hope you have a great time on the farm How I wish we could start a dwelling from scratch.Enjoy and appreciate!! I have a blog friend called "My French Kitchen" a fellow South African who lives in France. Have a look, you'll enjoy it. They have enough money so it's easy to 'start from scratch' but she's ever so creative. A joy to look at her photos. Cheers